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We produce a wide range of cores and many different combinations of the same:

A high-density synthetic foam which provides the mattress with firmness. It is combined with other materials to make it more adaptable and comfortable.
The HR core is firm and long-lasting. This foam offers great resistance and stability in relation to changes in weight and it is therefore unlikely to lose its shape. It maintains its structure while reducing pressure points.
A highly resistant material which keeps its shape and helps ensure a correct posture by adapting perfectly to the spinal column.The material is synthetic and as such produces no allergies caused by natural proteins. It helps control moisture levels and the appearance of fungi. 
Similar to latex with regard to feel and behaviour, while lighter and odourless. Stands out due to its porosity. It is extremely durable, and due to being permeable to the air it does not decompose. Moreover, it is non-allergenic and ecological and the raw materials used to produce it are eco-friendly and recyclable.It is also more fire resistant in comparison with other materials.
This sleep system consists of individually pocketing each spring and joining them transversally with rows of thermo-welded fabric.This technology provides exceptional comfort due to the fact it affords excellent anatomical adaptation as a result of the independence and flexibility of each of its elements. In addition to maximum durability due to the correct distribution of its weight.
This shell is composed of independent dual-cone shaped springs which are tightened in the centre and joined by steel wires.The dual-cone core features greater elasticity and keeps its shape better than other standard models. The dual-cone shape of the springs ensures the mattress is assembled in an extremely compact manner, thereby preventing any possible appearance of noise. 
This material is exceptionally sustainable and eco-friendly. The material is guaranteed to keep its shape for a longer period of time, providing greater comfort, better transpiration and a better feel.
This foam comes to life after coming into contact with the body as a result of the increase in temperature. This material serves as an energetic visco-elastic designed as an alternative to latex, featuring the benefits of the springs and conventional memory foam of the same, minus the slow recovery. Its extremely open and cool cell structure helps distribute pressure.
This plant-origin, odourless foam is an extremely cool material which is highly permeable to the air and eco-friendly. It is produced by means of the molecular recreation of plant oils in to achieve greater quality and consistency.
A breathable and odourless foam which is highly conducive to warm air.The infusion of graphene into the memory foam results in a large increase in thermal conductivity by combining high air flow single visco open cells with the exceptional conductivity to warm air.

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