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Each fabric features special and different characteristics as a means of adapting to the needs of each user.

A light, absorbent and breathable fabric. Viscose fabric affords softness, coolness and comfort.
Damask is highly resistant, extremely hygienic, breathable and anti-slip.
A light, elastic, adaptable, permeable and breathable fabric. Stretch fabric keeps its shape and ensures freedom of movement during the night, making it extremely comfortable.
Celliant fabric takes advantage of the natural energy of the body by means of micro-particles of active minerals inserted in the fabric, forming a resin which is loaded directly into the core of the fibers of the same, redirecting the infrared light through the skin to the muscle tissue.The result is a material which helps reduce pain, enhances the circulation and increases the levels of oxygen in the body. It ensures a refreshing sleep and a more active awakening.
The fabric of natural cotton is soft, lightweight and extremely versatile. Cotton is a non-allergenic natural fiber which does not irritate sensitive skin.Cotton keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter, as it is an excellent heat conductor.It is a highly absorbent fabric which soaks up perspiration, but which is, nevertheless, highly breathable due to its single-fiber structure.The adaptability of cotton means it can be used with most other fibers, including synthetic fibers such as polyester and lycra and natural fibers such as wool.
An extremely soft, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, absorbent and breathable material. It provides coolness in the heat and insulation in the cold. It helps prevent odours and is an ecological, biodegradable and recyclable fabric.
Fabric treated with the aloe vera plant transmits the beneficial properties of the plant. Aloe vera fabric is extremely hygienic, helps care for the skin, relieves headaches and back pain and enhances the circulation of the blood.
This fabric is produced with silver wire and provides all the benefits of silver. The result is an extremely hygienic and cool material which is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal.
Bayscent lavender flower aromatherapy guarantees maximum comfort when in contact with your body and prevents the bad odours generated by the heat and the perspiration of the body.
Newmagnetic fabric helps your body to benefit from the properties of magnotherapy while you are sleeping.It helps enhance the blood flow, facilitates recovery and ensures a satisfying sleep.
This type of fabric helps to reactivate your blood flow. Cell activation fabric activates and charges the cells with oxygen to ensure your blood flows constantly while you are asleep.
3D fabric allows for the constant renewal of the air in the base, in addition to eliminating body moisture, ensuring greater hygiene and providing greater thermal stability, resulting in a more pleasurable sleep.
Fabrics which are resistant to high temperatures. Prevents fire from spreading.

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