High-end mattresses


We present the authentic and exclusive Kuida-t collection. Formed by three original and unique design lines, the collection includes very different models made with meticulousness, detail and very good taste, selecting materials of the best quality.

 Harmony, mattress series of a classic design mattress toppers allow you to rest more soundly, creating a “cloud effect” during sleep and favoring better mattress ventilation.
 This collection is characterized by its sweet and warm style, inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. It is padded with hand sewn blackberries.
 Benefit, is a Nordic inspired line with serene and balanced style mattresses, which combine closed quilts. In its design, geometric shapes with marbled colors are revealed.
 Forest, is a mattress line that incorporates latex and natural materials. Wool on the upper side and cotton on the underside so you can sleep on its warm side in the winter and on its cooler side in the summer. 

Well-Tech, line of mattresses that incorporate latex core and natural materials such as wool and cotton.

Line dedicated to the youngest dreamers who are growing up and who need a good alignment of the spine and a restful sleep. Follow a unisex and fun design for young children to pre-teens. 

Line designed to facilitate the articulation of the mattress without reducing comfort and safety. Their models incorporate a latex spring, a visco or a bag and a Strech or anti-slip fabric.

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